Where To Start

We’ve been unable to blog all day, while it hasn’t been that big of a deal to me Camille has been freaking out. But it looks like things are back to normal. We were migrated to a new box and i spend a lot of time working with the support guys at Burlee getting things going. Luckily like always they got things back to normal. I real good bunch of guys in a pinch.

Today was our 1 year Anniversary, and how did we celebrate, by doing nothing. And it was great, just a lazy day around the house. Actually i spend a good part of my lazy day fixing my Win2K workstation. Seems the Video capture drivers just decided to stop. So i did hit a stress point today with the site being down and my box acting up. But things are back to normal.

I got my wife a nice bracelet from Tiffany’s for the day, i know its not what I’m supposed to get but i did. Thanks to Shelby for helping me out with that! I think she was surprised.

I got a little swag over the weekend. I got a copy of The Non-Designer’s Design Book, i can’t remember where it was recommended but i got it. As soon as Camille is done with it , I’ll get it back 🙂
I also got Field Guide to North American Wildflowers and Field Guide to North American Insects and Spiders. I got those mainly so I could start properly identifying the things i take pics of. So hopefully I’ll be updating my pics with the information. I’m also thinking about setting up a phpWiki to track extended data on them. We also got a few new magazines for the month PhotoShop User, has some nice tips for PhotShop 7, D Magainze, a must read for Dallas people, and Popular Science.

I’ve watched Max Headroom several times this weekend. Tech TV has aired 2 episodes so far, i ripped them to VCD, but i’ve watched them each 2 or 3 times i think.

I also got advance tickets for the midnight showing of Starwars Episode II. Don’t forget the Red Bull that night. I think its gonna be a blast, its gonna be at the Legacy in Plano, the only (?) digital theater with a midnight showing in Dallas. I got the tip that they were on sale at the Jedi Council Forums.

I’ve also had a chance to play with UltraDev MX and Fireworks MX, I like them. I will upgrade to the full versions when they come out. I like the fact that they automatically recognized all my UltraDev 4 setups so i didn’t have to resetup all the websites i have in them.