InterAKT PHAkt to support MX

You are receiving this mail because you are registered for updates on our products. This mail contains two announcements from InterAKT:
– InterAKT announces commitment to the Macromedia MX platform
– InterAKT releases “PHAkt 1.3”, an improved PHAkt version

PHAkt 2.0 announced
InterAKT is continuing the professional PHP support in the recently previewed version of Macromedia Dreamweaver MX.

Even if Macromedia Dreamweaver MX already has initial support for PHP, this works only on the MySQL server, while PHAkt 2 will be based on ADODB and will support almost 12 databases in a transparent way. Moreover, PHAkt 2 will include most of the functionalities found in the initial version (Login Server Behaviors, Go to detail page, etc).

We are confident that PHAkt will continue to be a reliable solution for web developers that don’t want to be limited at MySQL as a database server.

PHAkt 2 will launched in the same time with UDMX, in June 2002. We will start a public beta program soon to make sure that the initial release will be functional with UDMX from scratch.

Sounds good to me. I like PHAkt and have used it with UltraDev 4 for a while, now. The PHP in UltraDev MX looks good, but is not quite as flexible. Good stuff to look forward to.

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