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What a Friday

I don’t think I’ve put a day in like this in a while. I’m still at the office but getting ready to hit a pub soon. I’ve accumlated a few weeks worth of misc IT tasks, like software upgrades and … Continue reading

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I think i’m gonna update my linux workstation this weekend. Its currently running RedHat 7.2 Enigma. I’m gonna put on Mandrake 8.2. I really like Mandrake, I haven’t used KDE 3.0 before, i’ve always stuck with Gnome on the root … Continue reading

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Personal RSS Aggregators

Jon Udell has a new article up about Personal RSS Aggregators. He covers a few of the popular RSS readers out there. Nothing new, but still a good read.

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ZOË source code

I just noticed that the source code for ZOË is available for download. That’s cool, not that I know much java, but I’ve got it just in case :). I should also add that today is the 14th straight day … Continue reading

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Kuro5hin has Wiki

Kuro5hin has a brand new wiki up called Ko4ting. I’m check it out now, I suspect that this could turn into one of the most popular wikis out there.

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