New Pics Up

Just got in from work and finished up the album from the weekend. I’ve got to look into some different way to-do this. I would like some sort of database to track each image by trip and multiple categories. I’ve seen some people do albums in MT, but i don’t think thats for me. It would work fine with a few pics, but i tend to post tons and tons. So I’m gonna do some looking around, if i can’t find anything , I’m sure i can code up something like i want. Any way here is the link, enjoy.

2 thoughts on “New Pics Up

  1. WONDERFUL photos! I’m amazed. But about that spider … EEK!

    I’m so amazed by your photographs. Thank you for sharing them!

  2. Hi and thanks. This is just my third outing with my set of macro lense. So i’m still getting the hang of it all. One this i have learned , is you have to be quick and steady at the same time. But it seems digital cameras are more forgiving than film. I really like that spider one, i have quite an intrest in them. Some of the detail in the pictures are as good as they should be, when i take them down from 2048 to 640 they loose some things.

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