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Almost Back

I’m almost back on track. I’m looking forward to the weekend and more rest, that should be the last of it. I finished listening to Next: The Future Just Happened today. It was a really good book. Now i’m all … Continue reading

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Feed Updates

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Open Source Databases Linkfest

Open Source Databases Linkfest, lots of good reading and looking here. It’ll take me a few days to complete this, since its database releated, i could do it at work 🙂

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I’m not making this up. I overheard some people discussing rugs today at work. They decided that there are 2 many rugs in the office, often one one each side of a door. So they are cutting back on rugs … Continue reading

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The people behind Junkyardwars have a new show coming out: ULTIMATE MACHINE COMBAT. Should be fun, i was just having a discussion today with a guy about how Junkyardwars was done for, as they haven’t really had anything new or … Continue reading

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