EditorStats for PHPNuke

Well after messing around with the numbers in the PHPnuke database this morning.
I decided to make the Editor Stats Module for PHPnuke. Its currently running
over at CoreDumpz. Once my graphics buddy
vman does me an icon it will be a complete package and i’ll release it.

Another thing that i’ve been working on for nuke is the abilty to have some
words changed on the fly when positng stories in PHPnuke.
For example if i enter
!perl that will be converted to “perl

It will make stories a little better linked. I have most of the code written
and running locally. Once i have it complete, i i’ll be submitting it to the PHPnuke
team, as it will need to be merged into the main code. Once i get it to a beta state,
i’ll load it on CoreDumpz so we can test it and such.

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