I see Dave over at

I see Dave over at Scripting News had the same idea as i did for the day. “BTW, here’s an algorithm for getting out of the clutches of the disaster. Turn off the TV. Turn off NPR. Write some code. Cook some food. Don’t call a friend. Hole up. Dig in. Have fun. Shhh. Don’t tell anyone.”

Due to all the events

Due to all the events last week, i didn’t really get much of my consulting job done, so i’ll have to spend time on it this week. I’ll also put some more time into CoreDumpz.

CoreDumpz. I’ve spend a good

CoreDumpz. I’ve spend a good portion of my afternoon updating CoreDumpz from phpNuke 5.0 to 5.2. Like always the upgrade scripts don’t work quite right, so did a lot of work by hand. There are also a few minor bugs, and hopefully the only data lose was the opening message, the new system uses a new way so it just dropped the old table. During the middle of updating things, the hosts mySQL server died so i had to wait for that to restart. Now i’ve spent the last couple of hours gathering news, so hopefully we can start to move on some.

Last night Camille and I

Last night Camille and I cooked. We had Artichoke and Crab Beignets With Remoulade. They were great, we watched Emeril cook them on Food TV the other night and just had to try them. I’ve been watching lots of Food TV lately and have been enjoying the Iron Chef , something i’ve never watched before, and Emeril is great also. I’ve decided that i’m going to cook at least one Emeril dish a week. I just love our new kitchen and we finally have all the pots and pans to cook properly.