The Dentist I just got

The Dentist
I just got back from the Dentist. Every thing when good, now i’m the proud owner of a root canal.
Upon returning home i noticed that my GameBox was off. Hmm.. i’ve tried everything, but i’m sure
that its the mobo. So i guess i need a new one. This box is about a year old and sports an Athalon 750,
i bought it the day it hit the streets. Its been good but now i guess its time to get a new board and chip.
I just hate doing this at the moment. Also the power supply fan on my Win2kDevBox is getting really loud,
i hope it will make it a few more days. Since i’m leaving tonight to go out of town, i probably want worry about
replacing the board today. But i may go see if i can find a deal. Now its time to get some work done.

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