Entertainment Update Well i’m just

Well i’m just catching up on the latest entertainment news and thought i would share.
X-Files news
Duchovny talks in this article at TVguide.com he says that he misses being a regular part of the show and that he may not be gone from it after this season.
In this article Spotnitz says, “I suspect [eighth season] will be the last year for us – for this creative team. I never say never. I never thought we would last this long. I don’t know what will happen beyond this year. We definitely have a plan of what will get us to end of this season and where the characters will be. It can certainly go beyond this year. Whether it will or not, I don’t know.”
Patrick is quoted in this article as saying that (talking about his character) “[He doesn’t] buy any of it and think it’s all bullshit. I just go for the facts and try to solve everything with facts only. He’s a very street-smart guy and that’s how he goes about it. He has a really strong work ethic and he tackles each case with those abilities and traits.”

Looks like Ian McKellen has updated his Website and added three new images.

Boba Fett News
In this article, Temeura Morrison, says
“I play a bounty hunter, remember in Return of the Jedi there was a guy called Boba Fett? Well, in this film Boba Fett is about 12 years old and I play his father. With a clone army.” And also in this article he says that he has scenes with “Obi Kenobi” and “a bit of a space chase through the asteroids”.
All i can say is Boba Fett rocks!

Lone Gunmen News
Carter says in this article that , “It will be much lighter than X-Files. The characters actually get to develop in ways we’ve never seen them before on X-Files. They aren’t in service to Mulder and Scully. They’re working on their own beat.”

Matrix News
Carrie-Anne Moss talking about the upcoming Matrix sequels said in an interview with SCIFI.COM : “I can’t tell you anything about them, but I’ll tell you they’re going to be really special.”

Tomb Raider News
A couple of new pics here
And a new pic here.

Dark Angel News
Fox has given a full season order for James Cameron’s Dark Angel TV series, according to the trades. This means that an additional 9 episodes will be added to the first batch of 13.