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Life Update

Life is finally getting back to normal now. I realize that deadlines are made to be broken but the projects move on 🙂 I spent the day at the Lotus Notes Super Human Software Tour. I found out a few … Continue reading

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Atantida, The lost city of Programming I found a great site for some retro code compliers. Includes things like Visual Basic 3, Turbo Pascal, Turbo C, Qbasic and GWbasic. Great for a flash back if you need it 🙂

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Farm9 is pleased to announce our first release of Open Source tools. We started off with a simple but very useful tool called ‘netcat’ written by the L0pht and we modified it to provide encryption. We implemented twofish which is … Continue reading

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A new version (v2.2) of the freeware windows 2000 network sniffer Natas is available at the following location Natas includes the following features: – capture / sniff all ethernet traffic on the network – filter packets from specific source … Continue reading

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Low-cost Router

ZDNet: Enterprise: Building a low-cost router appliance with Embedded Linux This is a very cool piece of hardware. I need one, after i finish that iOpener project 🙂

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