Stephenson’s Next Book To Plumb Past

Stephenson’s Next Book To Plumb Past Source: SciFiWire

Cryptonomicon author Neal Stephenson told SCIFI.COM that his next novel will be a departure from the futuristic cyber tales he’s known for. “The book that I’m working on right now is actually a historical novel that’s set about 300 years in the past,” Stephenson said in a RealChannel interview on the site.

But Stephenson said he’s also planning to write a book that deals with issues of privacy and cryptography similar to the ones he deals with in the best-selling Cryptonomicon. “I do have intentions of eventually writing something that’s set in a more futuristic environment, and I would expect these things would definitely come into play. … I’m trying to avoid using words like sequel or series, because that would imply a closer relationship between the books than really exists. I’m trying to write it in such a way that you could read any one of these and not even suspect there were other books in the series.”

Stephenson said he envisions writing as many as five such books. His next book will come out sometime in 2001. A limited gold-cover edition of Cryptonomicon went on sale this week.